Frequently asked questions

What is the battery lifetime for the iTP?

The battery lifetime for the iTP will vary depending upon temperature, sampling rate and the number of battery cells.
There is also the option to program the iTP to have a smart sampling option. The battery life can be anything from 5 days to 10 years depending upon the setup for the device. Please send a query if you would like to receive a proposed technical specification for you application.

What is the temperature rating for the iTP?

Currently, the iTP has a maximum temperature rating of 150 degC. It is feasible to have the iTP system qualified up to 210 degC. However, it will require that some components and batteries are replaced. This will also result in some time for additional testing and an increased cost for the rental of the tool.
Send a request if you are in need of an iTP for temperature above 150 degC.

Can the iTP monitor pressure and temperature below a plug that has cement on top?

Yes. The data is sent acoustically through the tubular and can be used also for P&A applications with cement above the plug.

Can the iTP be used for monitoring on deep application with E-line and wired drill pipe?


What is the power source for the iBP?

The iBP can be supplied with either cabled power supply or with batteries.
The iBP can be delivered with a battery lifetime of 5-10 years.

Are any special installation tools required for installation or replacement if the iBP?

Since the VR plug is as pre-standard API spec, the first installation can be done with a standard VR lubrication tool.
The split design, with the integrated check valve in the VR plug, makes it possible to replace the instrument without removing the VR plug and without the use of a lubricator tool.

What is the Digital Oilfield?

The Digital Oilfield is a complete distribution system of data through TCP/IP, satellite and radio band UHF/VHF that can be applied for monitoring annular volumes with iBP (or similar) providing full envelope awareness.

Can you provide a product sheet for the iWH?

The iWH is a development project that is not yet qualified.
If you are interested in using the iWH on a project we would like to set the full technical specifications together with you. This process will make sure that the iWH is made to fulfill your requirements.
Please send a query, or call, if you have a project that could benefit from the iWH.

Is the ICONIC technology expensive?

ICONIC provides cost-efficient solutions to increase safety and reduce overall time and costs for your operation.

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