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Our mission

Developing intelligent products for Next Level Monitoring


At Iconic, we focus on developing wireless monitoring products for downhole and wellhead applications. We strive to deliver solutions that enable production, drilling and intervention to be performed in a safer and more cost-effective way.

Our way of thinking

Building sustainable and smart products


Strong collaboration with our customers identified the need within the subsea market for advanced wireless products. This provided a solid foundation for the development of our product portfolio. The Equinor Loop contract has contributed towards the funding required to drive these innovations forward. By building the run record of our products, we are continuously proving the reliability of our solutions. ICONIC aims to be the preferred supplier for our clients. Through ongoing collaboration, we will continue to identify new and improved solutions for the Digital Oilfield.

Our history

Iconic is an innovative Norwegian company


ICONIC is an innovative Norwegian company specialising in the development of groundbreaking advanced wireless technology. We have a strong team focusing on developing reliable new ICONIC oilfield solutions for wireless monitoring and well intervention in order to provide better methods, improved safety and overall cost efficiency for our clients. All our product lines are protected by several patents to ensure strong ICONIC products for years to come.

ICONIC can trace its origins back to the 1980’s when CTO Erik Skjold and CEO Jarl Endre Pedersen began working together. In 2007 they founded Industrial Controls, where they were engaged in supplying the oil and gas industry with electrical, instrument and control systems. As a result of successful growth, and a decision to develop in-house products with advanced wireless technology, it was decided to separate the wireless technology products into a standalone entity. As a result, ICON Instruments was founded in 2016 as a subsidiary to Industrial Controls.

ICON Instruments focused on further development of the wireless technology and in 2017 ICON Instruments attracted ProVenture as external investor. The same year ICON Instruments was awarded a LOOP contract with Equinor. This, accompanied by Skattefunn and a IFU contract from Innovation Norway, accelerated the development and production of the Instrumented Tubular Plug. Another external investor, Investinor, also recognized the potential of the company at this time and became the second external investor in the company in April 2019. To emphasize the company’s fully independent entity, the company was renamed to ICONIC in April 2020.

Historical milestones


  • September 2016 ICON Instruments founded as a subsidiary to Industrial Controls AS
  • May 2017 Skattefunn for Development Projects approved by Forskningsrådet
  • September 2017 ProVenture Seed II made a feeder investment in ICONIC
  • November 2017 Equinor approves a loop contract for the development of the iTP
  • December 2017 Innovasjon Norge approves iFU contract for founding development of iTP
  • April 2019 Proventure Seed II and Investinor signed a contract for full investment in ICON Instruments. This resulted in the company becoming a fully independent entity.
  • February 2020 The Loop agreement with Equinor is finalized and the iTP is ready for market.
  • April 2020 ICON Instruments changes its name to ICONIC
  • May 2020 First scheduled installation of iTP for Equinor
  • March 2021 Iconic’s iTP (Instrumented Tubular Plug) was renamed to iDT (Iconic Digital Transponder) to more accurately describe the technology.

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