instrumented barrier plug

The iBP (Instrumented Barrier Plug) is designed for oilfield service,

such as monitoring annular pressure and temperature in items subject to API 6A classification.

It is suitable where there is a requirement for uncompromised pressure isolation

behind unbroken and non-penetrated metal barriers.



The iBP monitors pressure and temperature in an annulus volume contained behind double nonpenetrated metal Barriers. It achieves this in full compliance with API 6A. Additionally, all DNV and NORSOK Drilling, Safety and Instrument requirements are met. The iBP apparatus and associated technology is protected by national and international patents. 

*iBP is currently not available for sale in Norway.

Full pressure integrity is retained at full pressure rating

Providing uncompromised non-penetrated full metal-to-metal sealing according to industry requirements.

The valve integral to the VR plug allows instrument replacement and change out. This can be achieved with a simple Unbrako® key.

Prime features


  • An instrument for continuous monitoring of annulus pressure and temperature
  • Can be mounted on a dry wellhead
  • Provides real-time pressure and temperature

What it does

  • Monitors volume enclosed within two non-penetrated metal barriers
  • Meets all NORSOK requirements
  • Qualified to API FB part II for offshore well bay conditions 
  • 15Kpsi and -40 to 200 degC
  • Supports digital oilfield


  •  Wireless inductive power and data transfer through barrier
  • No special tools required for installation, replacement or calibration

Application Examples

  • Continuous annulus monitoring for dry wellhead applications
  • Digital oilfield

Suitable for my application?

  • Temperature rating: -40 to 200 degC
  • Pressure rating:  15000 Psi

"Iconic is focusing on wireless monitoring for downhole and wellhead applications, as well as complimentary products, to be able to make well intervention work in a safer and more cost-efficient manner."

Jarl Endre Pedersen


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Details and speCifications

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