Iconic digital Transponder

The iDT (Iconic Digital Transponder) system is designed for downhole oilfield service

to monitor physical conditions inside volumes that are closed off and otherwise inaccessible.

The iDT makes such information available to the operator.


Through a range of X-overs the instrument is attached to any commonly used bridge plug or tubing hanger plug with a mechanical connection to the production tubular. Communication is encoded, with safety classified to SIL3. Data is transmitted acoustically through several communication paths, between instrumented plugs to a surface mounted amplifier and control unit.

The instrument can monitor



trapped fluid composition

ingress rate and volume

Prime features


  • An instrument that provides the means for downhole wireless monitoring.
  • Can be mounted below any kind of plug or hanger and provides real time pressure and temperature data at surface

What it does

  • Monitors physical parameters below and above a plug or hanger
  • May be used to actuate functions below a plug or hanger
  • Can be used for deep applications on electric line
  • Acoustic data transfer gives access to real time downhole data using the well tubing/casing as a means of a communication path


  •  Wireless acoustic communication through tubular to surface
  • Does not require any mechanical adaptions

Application examples

  •  Barrier verification for X-mas tree change out or maintenance
  • Temporary P&A for continuous integrity verification
  • Riser less pre-slot recovery for barrier verification of shallow set plug
  • Perforation logging and leak off tests

Suitable for my application?

  • Rated to 150 degC. Higher temperature rating can be supplied upon special request

For how long can it monitor the well? 

  • Battery life time will depend upon sampling frequency and well temperature.   This can range from 1 week to 5 years or more.

Learn more about iDT deployments and testing in case histories.

"Iconic is focusing on wireless monitoring for downhole and wellhead applications, as well as complimentary products, to be able to make well intervention work in a safer and more cost-efficient manner."

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