Integrated Wireline Head

THE PRODUCT PROVIDES well- intervention down to 400m

A compact tool concept for performing light well intervention down to 400 m. 

  • Compact unit for ultralight intervention work
  • Permanent mechanical barrier
  • No lubricator lengths
  • No grease injection seals

Prime features


  • A patented concept for a compact tool to perform light well intervention down to 400 m

  • The product is estimated to be ready for market in Q4 2021

What it does

  • Provides an efficient and cost effective means of entering a well for light intervention
  • Ensures a fully enclosed safety barrier is achieved
  • Is a SIL3 rated highly reliable electrically unit
  • Replaces heavy equipment for light well intervention
  • Reduces the required time, cost and logistics to perform light well intervention


  • Light weight, less than 2000 kg
  • Fits into a X-mas tree quick connect/disconnect adapter
  • Is operated through cable from a portable tablet
  • Quick mobilization

Suitable for my application?

  • For light well interventions down to 400m. Deeper applications can be discussed on request

"Iconic is focusing on wireless monitoring for downhole and wellhead applications, as well as complimentary products, to be able to make well intervention work in a safer and more cost-efficient manner."

Ådne Grødem


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